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Protecting your commercial license after a DUI

You've always enjoyed driving a commercial vehicle. You get to travel, and you're paid to do what you love. Normally, you never touch a drink before you're behind the wheel, and for good reason. If you drink and drive, you could lose your license. Even worse, the Commercial Driver's License is revocable if your blood alcohol concentration is .04 or higher, which is a much lower limit than others have to contend with.

You understand that your vehicle is larger and more dangerous than others, so the limits make sense. You want other people to be safe around your vehicle, just like you want them to keep you safe on the roads, too. Unfortunately, although you stopped drinking several hours before getting behind the wheel, you were still intoxicated. After weaving once or twice, a cop pulled you over.

You agreed to field sobriety testing and a breathalyzer test. You passed the field sobriety test, but your breathalyzer test read .045, higher than your allowed limit. Even though you don't feel drunk, you are intoxicated enough to lose your license in the eyes of the law.

What should you do if you face a DUI while you have a Commercial Driver's License?

Now is a good time to talk to someone familiar with criminal law. You need to protect your license and your livelihood. There are ways to do so, too.

Take, for example, the fact that the officer may not have pulled you over with just cause. On the other hand, he or she may not have been trained to use the breathalyzer test, rendering the results inadmissible in court. Even a miscalibration of the breathalyzer test could make it impossible to use that so-called evidence against you.

A DUI has the potential to limit or ruin careers in commercial driving. Get the help you need to protect yourself as soon as possible.

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