You Could Lose Your License Before A DUI Conviction

Time is of the essence in the brief time following a drunk driving arrest and prior to the initial court appearance. Before a trial or conviction, you could lose your driver's license. With a revoked license, travelling to work or running errands could become a thing of the past.

You need to take proactive steps and contact Diesel Law, Ltd., to secure a hardship license or driver's license reinstatement. DUI defense lawyer Anthony Boyle will attend to every detail from the initial paperwork through the hearing before the Secretary of State.

New Laws Bring New Chances With The Help Of A Skilled DUI Defense Attorney.

The dawning of 2016 saw significant changes in state laws governing driver's license suspension. Prior to January 1, Illinois residents could not secure a hardship license following a suspension for suspicion of drunk driving.

The new law allows you to retain your driving privileges through a Petition to Rescind (PTR) filing. Submitting to a test and blowing .08 result in a six-month suspension. Refusal will lead to your license being suspended for one year. Submitting or refusing to a test for the second time within five years that once led to a three-year suspension now provides the option for the installation of an ignition interlock device.

While the laws have provided a path to continue driving legally, you still face serious consequences. A hardship license is only a temporary fix to more serious problems. A criminal record will follow you around as you apply for jobs or look for a place to live. A drunk driving conviction can create a significant financial burden with increased insurance rates.

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