A Skilled And Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense

The initial traffic stop was only the beginning of your legal problems. Following questioning and various tests, you were arrested for drunk driving. You may assume that cooperating with law enforcement and pleading guilty right away are your only options.

At Diesel Law, Ltd., we want you to know that you have choices, starting with the selection of an attorney.

Protecting Your Driver's License From Automatic Suspension

Immediate representation is paramount. Our first objective is to preserve your ability to drive legally, likely through a Petition to Rescind (PTR) filing. Even if you agree to breathalyzer testing that subsequently shows a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08, you face loss of your license for six months. Refusing to submit to the test could result in a one-year suspension.

Even The Odds You Face With The Help Of A Skilled DUI Defense Lawyer.

Building a strong defense against DUI criminal charges requires thorough investigations, starting with the initial traffic stop. The system of rules and evidence are complex. Opposing counsel will not offer help. A judge will not tell you how to defend yourself. You need an attorney from Diesel Law, Ltd.

Without legal representation, you could be convicted of drunk driving. Beyond the loss of a driver's license, you could face jail time and fines. Beyond the criminal consequences, you may see your car insurance skyrocket. Driving to work or running errands, something that nearly everyone takes for granted, may become a thing of the past.

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