Protect Your Freedom. Protect Your Future.

In the moments following an arrest, you need immediate legal representation. Even if you believe that you have nothing to hide, far too many criminal suspects have done more harm than good by talking to the police without an attorney present.

The stakes are too high if you face felony or misdemeanor charges. You are entitled a dedicated and diligent advocate at your side, speaking on your behalf. You have rights, beginning with the right to remain silent.

A Proactive Criminal Defense Focused On Protecting Your Rights.

The owner and principal attorney at Diesel Law, Ltd., builds strong, fact-based defenses. Anthony Boyle will tailor strategies based on the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest and criminal charges.

Specific areas of our law firm's comprehensive criminal defense practice include the following:

  • Drunk driving/DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs), including administrative matters involving driver's license reinstatement
  • Violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, aggravated battery, and aggravated criminal sexual assault
  • Domestic battery and domestic violence
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Burglary
  • Home invasion
  • Criminal trespass
  • Weapons crimes
  • Arson
  • ​​Kidnapping
  • ​Prostitution
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • ​Drug crimes
  • ​White collar and fraud crimes
  • Traffic violations

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A criminal record will follow you wherever you go. Take action and contact Diesel Law, Ltd., in Homewood, Illinois. We will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve. You need that level of dedication during life-changing times.