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If you are arrested, the first thing you should do is exercise your right to have an attorney present and completely refuse to answer any questions you may be asked. And while most experienced criminal defense attorneys would advise their clients to keep quiet, it is still very common to find that their client spoke to the police for hours before finally exercising their right to have an attorney present.

Some people believe that if they are innocent of the crime they get arrested for, then it does not matter if they speak to the police because they have nothing to hide. And to the contrary, others that did in fact commit the crime think they can somehow talk their way out of it. The bottom line though is that whether the person is innocent or guilty, the arrestee should never talk to the police without being advised to do so by an attorney.

In the first case, where the arrestee truly did not commit the crime, silence may be the best option because anything the person says can be twisted or somehow construed against them. Their statements can be taken out of context. When an innocent person speaks to the police after being arrested, they may actually help the police build a case. It is never wise to offer police information. And it is certainly not the arrestee's obligation to tell their side of the story. The arrestee should tell their side of the story to their attorney and only their attorney. And then, if instructed by their attorney to speak to the police, the client can do so in their attorney's presence and be instructed throughout the interview if a specific question should not be answered.

And when the arrested party is in fact guilty of the crime in which they are arrested, they should definitely not attempt to talk their way out of being charged. It will not work. If the police have enough evidence or cause to believe a specific person committed a crime, that person is going to be arrested, and most likely, charged with the offense. Without exercising the right to have an attorney present, depending on the type of case, the arrestee can be grilled by the police for hours. In many cases, the arrestee confesses to the crime because they did not immediately exercise their right to have an attorney present. And sometimes, the confession is the most damning evidence, where without it, the State would never be able to meet its burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you are arrested, immediately contact Diesel Law, Ltd. to begin working on your defense. After all, the State will not hesitate to build a case against you so it would be wise for you to do the same.