A Trial Attorney With Skills And Success

While legal problems between two parties can be resolved through negotiation, many disputes end up in the courtroom. You need an experienced Cook County attorney knowledgeable of the local court system.

Committed To Pursuing The Best Outcome At Trial

Anthony Boyle is a skilled litigator with a track record of extraordinary success. He has tried cases throughout Cook County and Illinois. Peer attorneys know of his aggressive approach in protecting the best interests of his clients.

Our law firm's owner is a trial lawyer who does not shy away from complex civil litigation if it provides the best possible outcome for you.

Resolving Disputes That Threaten Your Personal And Professional Future

If you own a business, disputes with customers, vendors or partners distract you from your daily operations. At Diesel Law, Ltd., we take on all aspects of your court case, spending the time necessary to identify the specific issues. We will tailor strategies to litigate your case and secure the best possible resolution.

For Illinois residents who cannot mediate divorce-related disputes involving property division or child custody, we combine our aggressive approach with compassion for you and your kids. Issues that involve children in the middle of their parents' disputes require a delicate touch while trying cases in family law courts.

Contact An Attorney At Diesel Law, Ltd.

If your business is threatened by serious legal problems, contact Diesel Law, Ltd., in Homewood. Throughout the entire process, Anthony Boyle will remain accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at 708-552-3536.